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My main aim is to help pool the knowledge that aquarists, aquaculturists, public aquaria, local fish shops and other fellow fish veterinarians already have, and to filter out misinformation and then provide this information to general veterinary practitioners through conferences and workshops, and through the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA), lecturing at Murdoch University and through other veterinary associations such as the WSAVA, AVMA, FAVA and AVA.

1. The Fish Vets Master Class.

2. TFV Services and Fees Manual.

We provide histology testing.

3. Fish Sampling Protocol.

4. Dear General Practitioners.

5. eSample-Fish Vetting Essentials.

6. Fish Diseases - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis & Treatment.

7. The Business Plan (by Dr Michael Chia).

The Fish Vets Masterclass Course

Watch the video

Useful Sampling Videos

It is possible to collect lab samples for testing if the fish is very recently dead (within 30 minutes) or moribund and is sacrificed. This could be able to be done through a veterinary clinic.
Please note that specimens need to be preserved in formalin within 30min of death because fish tissues degrade rapidly. If you don't have formalin, use formalin malachite green solution commonly sold as remedy for white spot disease.

Some useful information that you can bring along to help with the evidence gathering process

Do not send large volumes of formalin via the post. Drain samples after 24 hours of preservation, and then send samples.
Also, please include water samples (200ml), and mail to me at:
PO Box 5164,
East Victoria Park,
WA 6981, Australia.

Large Fish Sampling

Video on sampling from large fish

Video on sampling from small fish

Video on sampling from small fish

Video on packaging

Video on packaging